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Top 10 Wine Tech Companies - 2020

From connected breweries to robots that help harvest grapes for wine are driven by artificial intelligence in the beverage tech industry. These smart technologies are pushing drinks into a renewed digital age. However, the fast track evolution of technologies has proven difficult to track as many innovations occur on a daily basis. Until now, 2020 has also proven to be no different, as innovation, fresh thinking, and new tastes and trends are constantly emerging from the dynamic beverage industry.

Due to the increasing demand for richer quality of wines and beers with new flavors, innovators in the industry are exposed to a new space for creating beverage magic. Industry leaders are focused on both production costs, enhanced safety along with automation technologies, and end of the line delivery of beverage to the customers. One major company has created a machine that pours the same amount of beer every single time. Other companies secure their supply chain with smart sensors to enhance traceability and quality maintenance.

Like the wine itself, the technologies adopted in the beverage industries are growing stronger with every innovation. May it be robotics in vineyards harvesting or IoT-based sensors maintaining the health and quality of canned wines, technology has permeated into the sector to fill the gaps. As countless innovations are adopted in each area of the beverage industry, companies are lost in the ocean of new brewing and winery technologies. Our distinguished panel, comprising of key decision-makers and industry experts along with the Food And Beverage Tech Review Editorial team, has shortlisted some of the most innovative beverage and wine tech companies.

We present to you, Food and Beverage Tech Review's "Top 10 Wine Tech Companies - 2020."

    Top Wine Tech Companies

  • eSommelier provides a simple wine cellar management system that helps hospitality organizations and private wine collectors to organize better and take control of their liquid assets. eSommelier’s cloud-based breakthrough technology simplifies wine management and helps wine collectors know what wine they have, where it is stored, the best time to drink it, the purchase price, when and where it was purchased, and its current market valuation. eSommelier provides a unified solution, which comes with a touchscreen, barcode scanner, and barcode printer, fully integrated with the software and ready to use, right out of the box. The system has to be placed either in the cellar or where the wine is stored and acts as a check-in and check-out kiosk to track its movement. Once the plug-and-play proprietary system is connected to the internet, a user can log in and access the system through any device from anywhere, run reports, and gain business intelligence on all the wine that has entered and dispatched from their wine cellar.

  • ekos


    ekos is renowned globally for its business management software that organizes, operates craft beverage businesses more efficiently and profitably, for independent craft beverage companies. With headquarters in Charlotte, N.C., Ekos has built strong partnerships with producers from more than 40 countries to manage their day-to-day operations in inventory, production, sales, and accounting. Ekos software is designed and built to help organize and operate craft beverage businesses more efficiently and profitably, delivering insights unavailable from spreadsheets and traditional methods

  • Napa Technology

    Napa Technology

    Being dedicated to designing innovative Intelligent Dispensing Solutions and Products, Napa Technology drives revenue and maximizes the profitability of each bottle. Its WineStation is universally adopted, especially in hospitality, entertainment, arena, and foodservice industries as an improved way to serve, preserve, increase sales, and capitalize on available customer preference data. WineStation is one of a kind, intelligence-based, automated, temperature-controlled wine dispensing and preservation system. The company focuses on providing good quality wine with every bottle using its smart software

  • Orion Wine Software

    Orion Wine Software

    Orion Wine Software is a leader and a proven provider of management software for wineries across the globe for more than 300 customers. The company offers solutions to help wineries manage their operational information, enabling them to improve productivity, reduce errors, and save money. As the requirements change and businesses develop, Orion Wine Software's team promises to be there with fully supported products and continual enhancements so that the client can concentrate on building their winery business. The company's exceptional commitment to the wine industry and product improvement has made it the first choice for numerous wineries

  • Oztera


    Oztera is a widely known wine tech solution provider whose solutions that supercharges the workflow and helps gain full control of the business processes. Oztera's solutions automate the processes that help businesses achieve success. The team at Oztera specializes in solutions built on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform to address the unique challenges faced by companies in the wine, agriculture, and manufacturing industries. Teravina is Oztera's ERP solution for wineries, which is built on Microsoft dynamics. It manages all of the nuances inherent in winemaking, finance, and sales without the bloated data entry processes necessary for the clients

  • Pellenc America, Inc.

    Pellenc America, Inc.

    Since Pellenc France’s founding in 1973, the PELLENC America has manufactured tools for agriculture, green spaces, and local communities, working closely with the sector to make human tasks easier while also increasing productivity. The company is committed to values of excellence and thoroughness in their work, passionate about design, production, and marketing of tools in the vanguard of technological innovation. Pellenc continually seeks new ways of making the work of nature more enjoyable and more efficient, through their conviction that it is possible to be productive while also respecting the environment

  • Prospero Equipment

    Prospero Equipment

    Equipped with more than 40 years of experience in the beverage industry, Prospero has worked with the most respected wineries, breweries and beverage groups across the United States, Canada and Mexico. Prospero supplies the complete line of equipment for Wineries for the processing and bottling of grapes and wine, for bottling and labeling equipment for other beverages. Prospero provides turnkey operations with consultation and setup. From small semi-automatic to large production fully automated equipment with many references. The company believes strongly in cooperation with its vendors and the creativity of its staff

  • US Wine Exports Company, Ltd

    US Wine Exports Company, Ltd

    US Wine Exports is a full service wine producer and supplier and the leading exporter of California wines worldwide. The company not only supplies but also establishes and maintains strategic links between United States Wine makers and wine distributors, wholesalers, retailers, and private customers in specific geographic locations worldwide. US Wine Exports has an extensive portfolio of vintages and varietals at various levels of the production scale to meet the needs of specific international markets. The company particularly emphasizes on Northern California wines, however, it also supplies and ship wines from other areas

  • VineSpring


    Vine Spring offers an all-encompassing eCommerce solution to wineries and breweries, which are seeking simplicity. VineSpring reduces the complexity of selling beverage alcohol (wine, beer, and cider) direct to consumers. The company has a modern customized club and allocations management system that creates an easy path-to-purchase that grows with a business. Vine Spring's software and services support the entire customer experience with enabled integrations and API connections to the systems the clients use to connect with their customers. The software is easy to get started, simple to use, and backed by rock solid and personalized customer support

  • WineDirect


    WineDirect is an industry leader in winery direct-to-consumer sales. Headquartered in the Napa Valley, the company offers a broad range of commerce, marketing, and logistics solutions including the Vin65 ecommerce and point-of-sale platform, bi-coastal fulfillment services, and marketing tools to help wineries grow their businesses profitably. By combining these important components into a unified technology offering, WineDirect also provides the consumer insight and flexibility necessary to help wineries succeed with direct-to-consumer (DTC) sales

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