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Top 10 Beverage Tech Companies - 2020

From connected breweries to robots that help harvest grapes for wine are driven by artificial intelligence in the beverage tech industry. These smart technologies are pushing drinks into a renewed digital age. However, the fast track evolution of technologies has proven difficult to track as many innovations occur on a daily basis. Until now, 2020 has also proven to be no different, as innovation, fresh thinking, and new tastes and trends are constantly emerging from the dynamic beverage industry.

Due to the increasing demand for richer quality of wines and beers with new flavors, innovators in the industry are exposed to a new space for creating beverage magic. Industry leaders are focused on both production costs, enhanced safety along with automation technologies, and end of the line delivery of beverage to the customers. One major company has created a machine that pours the same amount of beer every single time. Other companies secure their supply chain with smart sensors to enhance traceability and quality maintenance.

Like the wine itself, the technologies adopted in the beverage industries are growing stronger with every innovation. May it be robotics in vineyards harvesting or IoT-based sensors maintaining the health and quality of canned wines, technology has permeated into the sector to fill the gaps. As countless innovations are adopted in each area of the beverage industry, companies are lost in the ocean of new brewing and winery technologies. Our distinguished panel, comprising of key decision-makers and industry experts along with the Food And Beverage Tech Review Editorial team, has shortlisted some of the most innovative beverage and wine tech companies.

We present to you, Food and Beverage Tech Review's "Top 10 Beverage Tech Companies - 2020".

    Top Beverage Tech Companies

  • BarTrack has developed a patent-pending beverage sensor that will revolutionize the industry and help establishments take a holistic approach to tackling the beer waste and taste problems. The company offers smart draft equipment and technology for the beverage industry. Gone are the days of weighing kegs or using simple flow meters which in most cause or exacerbate these issues. BarTrack products help to standardize the draft beer quality by maximizing bar’s efficiency, realizing lost revenue, and improving the quality of service. At BarTrack, we understand beer quality is measured by a complex set of important sensory characteristics. Taste, aroma, appearance and texture are all indicators of beer quality that build a sensory profile specific to each brand. This is precisely what beer consumers have come to enjoy and expect from makers. The ability to maintain, preserve and deliver consistent quality builds brand loyalty and customer satisfaction. Understanding how a beer sensory profile can deteriorate, is critical to delivering a consistently perfect beer. BarTrack understands the reputation and success of the brewers, along with restaurant and bar owners, relies on the ability to consistently deliver a great product that satisfies the consumer

  • The company is a vertically integrated manufacturer and supplier of premium process filtration products and services. The company offers, high-quality filtration solutions, including a wide variety of cartridge, capsule and flat disc filtration products that are used both in the analytical laboratory and on the process line of F&B companies. When it comes to providing filtration products by media, the company offers a full range of membrane and depth media choices such as PES (Polyethersulphone), PVDF (Polyvinylidenefluoride), Polypropylene,Nylon 6,6, Fiber glass and more. Critical Process Filtration is known for fast shipping and very competitive pricing while providing technical support from initial inquiry through installation and the life of the operation

  • InnovaPrep makes tools for modern microbiology that allow faster, easier and better quality testing through rapid concentration. The CP Select™ can concentrate beer spoilers from up to 355mL in minutes for rapid analysis with PCR or other methods. Beverage products can be screened for quality in a single shift allowing products to get to market up to 5 days faster and it saves labor. If your goal is to move to one-day QA, the InnovaPrep method provides the best possible sensitivity to do it.

  • Koss Industrial, INC. exhibits a wide range of capabilities that help us provide complete solutions from engineering to fabrication and road crew installation and field services to breweries. Whether the necessity is for parts machined, tanks for the skids, a large-scale production line, or any other concept, consider KOSS. The company is a provider of pumps, valves, spares, seal kits, fittings, heat exchangers (and more) and many custom components and equipment. The company prides itself for providing high-quality, long-lasting solutions tailored to customers'​ unique applications. Whether it's the materials used or the welds made, KOSS does not sacrifice in quality & performance to save on cost

  • Founded in 1997, Canada-based TracRite Software stands to revamp the hospitality industry’s traditional and manual style of food and beverage inventory management with its flagship Optimum Control software. Hundreds of food and beverage providers throughout the U.S. and 60 other countries leverage this product to overcome the quandaries associated with recipe management, food cost determination, stock forecasting, inventory reporting, and many others. Additionally, the software can produce more than 70 different types of compelling and detailed reports, from usage and purchase summary, item activity to budget variance, and all these are available in different formats, including Excel, PDF, and Word.

  • Boelter


    In a bird's eye view, Boelter is a client's go-to resource for all things foodservice and beverage, as they pride themselves on creating a comprehensive, customer solutions. Boelter is a consultant from products and services to advice and information. The company is abreast of trends and the bests in all the aspects of the business. Equipped with more than nine decades of experience and knowledge, every Boelter associate, offer up expertise and top-notch product so that clients don't have to figure out all the processes involved by themselves

  • Botrista Robotic

    Botrista Robotic

    Botrista is an automation technology and design company who is manufacturing the most advanced equipment with a distinct focus on the beverage industry. The team at Botrista dedicates themselves to the innovation of automated robot design and manufacturing. The team marries decades of technical expertise and beverage industry experience to develop one-of-a-kind automation solutions to tackle the most challenging issues faced by beverage retailers today. The company leverages smart manufacturing experience to revolutionize the way fresh beverages are prepared and produced. With the mission to make craft drinks more accessible and affordable through automation, the company provides turnkey solutions and help drive incremental profits through premium drink sales

  • Deutsche Beverage Technology

    Deutsche Beverage Technology

    Deutsche Beverage Technology combines state of the art technology with detailed craftsmanship to provide the industry’s highest quality systems and the industries best customer service. Deutsche Beverage Technology is the source for a wide range of high quality custom commercial brewery, winery, and distillery equipment. The Company offers the most competitive prices within the industry. Its equipment adopts the highest caliber of technology and fabrication as they use numerical control plasma, laser cutting, and pure argon gas welding to eliminate deficiencies in the construction process

  • FIVEx5 Solutions

    FIVEx5 Solutions

    The makers of the FIVEx5 Solutions first started out equipped with a passion for whiskey, to create a software solution for craft distilleries. The software is used by more distilleries than any other software on the market, DISTILL x 5 is an unrivaled market leader. After 10 years of focusing on the distilleries that built the company then known as Distillery Solutions, the team decided it was time to offer assistance with features to aid every operational aspect of today’s craft breweries. Today, FIVE x 5 Solutions is a small, passionate team working just outside of Denver in an office home to Skeeball, pinball, and a rotating assortment of canine companions

  • iPourit, Inc

    iPourit, Inc

    iPourIt, Inc. is a revolutionary self-serve beverage dispense technology that allows taproom and fast casual patrons to pour their own beer, cider, wine, cocktails and coffee, and it tracks and monitors every pour and charges it to a credit card. iPourIt’s data analytics gives bar and restaurant operators valuable information about who poured what, when, and where, so businesses may effectively target patrons and create a positive experience, while increasing revenues. iPourIt’s market-leading, self-serve solution is now in operation on 5,100 taps nationwide and counting

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